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The Rock, Water, Earth Collection

Currently available in the Montreal studio.

"Opening up your tableau was like unwrapping a dream. This painting is beyond unbelievable -- I have never seen anything so spectacular and joyous in my life. Thank you! "

Caitlin Glynn-Morris, Toronto, Ontario

Listen, Breathe, Pay Attention.

Painting from inside the landscape simply means sinking into the wider body of the earth and being infused with the wholeness of Life.  It is a meeting beyond intellect and deeply intuitive. Each painting is a poetic encounter with the earth and her offerings.  A connection to an ancient place within ourselves.

"I just finished opening it - with trepidation,as you can imagine, when one has bought a painting without seeing it in real. As soon as I finished unwrapping and looked, my eyes filled with tears. I felt a kind of recognition and then happiness knowing I shall be able to gaze and gaze whenever, and for as long as, I wish. I look at your painting and my heart flies open."

- Bambi Reeves, Toronto, Ontario

"As snow blankets the ground and the sun shines slightly more brightly and longer into the early evening, I am struck by the wonderful interplay between your two paintings in my living room and the landscape outside my windows. Yesterday this experience was breathtaking. It stopped me in my tracks and led me to pause and feel enormous gratitude for your work and for the beauty in front of me."

— Jessica Ley, Burlington, NY

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